Monday, March 16, 2009

Recent Articles on Motel Homelessness or I call Weekly Living

Only in the last year or so has there been any attention given to this class of homeless. The motel homeless, whether individual or family, is just now getting scrutiny and research.

The NY Times did an article about families moving into motels, as did the International Herald Tribune, Many other cities tv news are starting to cover this and I hope to list more as I find them.

I know some of the families in these articles are receiving some form of subsidy, but there are also many who are taking survival jobs, or are making enough to pay weekly rent, some gas or bus money and a little food money. Most people here are utilizing the food banks when possible to supplement. But it is still too little.

I just want to remind folks that it isn't usually possible or probable that people will be able to check into a Residence Inn. The trashiest weeklies on the west coast that I have found run $200 - 250/week. I am fortunate enough to have wi-fi and a computer, but most places I have stayed do not have that, so you either find a hot spot or go to the library and wait for a computer.

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