Friday, April 3, 2009

Moving to another motel

Moving really is awful, and this time it was no different. Finally found a place, somewhat quiet, but i had problems with the wifi. I now am able to go online.

Most of the motels I checked out were pretty full, others were full of hookers and pimps and lots of drug activity. At the last motel, around midnight I heard a man shreiking in the parking lot. Never a good sign, but I looked outside the window only to see a buck naked guy with a buck naked woman attached by the hair. She was wailing on him with one hand, had a handful of his hair in the other. Suddenly a man ran up behind the shrieking, and evidently non-paying patron, and began motivating this customer for payment with a few punches. It was all over within minutes, and the depressing, suppressing quiet of that night came to rest over all.

I just love urban business practices!

I am so glad I do not live there anymore. Though the owner was very good to us.

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