Friday, April 17, 2009

Unemployment, Stress, Sickness

I have been applying for work and have been getting a few interviews, but I am hearing the same thing: overqualified. This is so ridiculous! With the stress levels increasing - and I have been trying to handle it the best way I know, I am now getting sick. No health insurance, nothing.
It is so easy to give up, but I won't. My needs are getting met, by God's grace, cuz nothing else is coming through.

It has been tough, mentally, physically, but not so much spiritually. I am grounded and I do believe this will turn around. I feel my family will heal financially, physically, emotionally. But help comes through others - people forget this. If you are tagged homeless, your credibility is questioned and their perspective of you is tinted. No one can know in employment situations. I "had" a job recently which I was given a lead by a supposed "friend" or "someone concerned"; I was grateful for the lead and I nailed the interview. But the following day she let some of her colleagues know how difficult things have been for me, (and how she was trying to help me) so I was called later by the boss and told that my situation was deemed unstable and during this economic time they (the company) needs assurance of security. Oh I was HOT!

Short story: if you give someone a lead, great; don't blow their cover telling everyone at the gossip table their and your hero story. You can really blow things up doing that to someone!!!

I am not stating that being deceitful is the best manner to gain a job, but certain details are not necessary to know - and that private info needs to stay private. Employers need to know about potential employees, but like my situation, it will not create havoc, but can create stability, which I will fight for above anything. I am not like the chronic homeless - they have different challenges; I want to work full time. I want a new home. I want a different lifestyle for myself. I want to help others.

My dreams are still alive.

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